Zorb Rides. Come ride in our 9' tall Zorbs on the snow and knock down our 12' tall bowling pins for a day with your family.


Types of Bubble Rides

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Water Bubbles. Test your balance and get a thrill with walking on water, held everyday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm this summer at Maggie Pond.



Based in Summit County Co, we have summer water bubble rides at Maggie Pond in Breckinridge, and winter Zorb rides at the Frisco Adventure Park in Frisco. For address information please click the "Contact Us" button for details.  



Outdoor Fun

Whether you're 3 or 80, a day at Maggie Pond or Frisco Adventure Park will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day with us, and enjoy memories for years to come.

This weeks announcements!!!!! 

Tumble Bubbles will be at Maggie Pond in Breckenridge. September 5th will be our last day of the season, so come check us out there is only a few days left.

Tumble Bubbles will also be part of this years Kansas State Fair!!! We are so excited to be participating in this years event. If you live in Kansas and are going to the State Fair come check out our Bubbles. Located in Hutchinson, KS the dates are September 9th through the 18th. 

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We offer Zorb, Water Bubbles, and Soccer Bubbles rides for all ages, come experience a memorable day with Tumble Bubbles.  

Soccer Bubbles. If you're looking for a more intense experience our Soccer Bubbles are for you. Soccer Bubbles is a combination of Soccer, Sumo Wrestling, Bumper Cars, and Football.